Mistake? I Think Not

We’ve all been there; we made a decision that we didn’t like, we made an error at work that still haunts us, we choose a route that we thought sounded good at the time, but then we end up realizing that we made a mistake…but did we?

A mistake is something that ended up turning out wrong, it wasn’t what we expected, nor was it the desired outcome. Maybe it was an error in our judgment, maybe it was due to a lack of concentration, or maybe the mistake happened just because fate had other plans. Whatever it may be, making a mistake can make us feel awful about ourselves.

After we notice something that ends up being a mistake, it can make us feel doubtful of ourselves, we may lose confidence and start to question what we know and our abilities. Although making a mistake is a normal part of human life, it can make us feel terrible.

What if I were to tell you that there aren’t any mistakes? I don’t believe that mistakes are truly mistakes, yes, they may be unfortunate and not at all what we had planned, but I like to think of mistakes as detours and lessons to be learned.

That decision that you made that led you somewhere that you least expected, maybe that was fate guiding you in the right direction, a direction that you wouldn’t have taken yourself. That project that you made an error on, was a learning experience. The feelings that overcome you as you sit and wonder how you have reached this point in life, a point so far away from where you hoped that you would be, that was a lesson presented to you to help you grow into a stronger person.

The next time that you feel that you made a mistake, try changing your perspective and see where that takes you. I am sure that it will help you feel more confident, uplifted, and understanding. Life is a big test that no one has all of the answers to, but we get up and we try our best!

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