No Matter What

Many things in this world come and go, and very few aspects of our lives are consistent as much as we wish they would be. As human beings, we are also able to be let down by people, our jobs, friends and family, and just general roadblocks that pop up in life. I have had my fair share of disappointments, but there is always one thing that I can turn to no matter what and that is writing.

I have loved writing ever since I was a little girl. When I was younger, it would take me quite a bit of time to come up with a topic, but once I did, I was unstoppable! Today, as an adult, I can thankfully easily come up with topics and once I get in front of my laptop, or a piece of paper, my thoughts just flow constantly. Writing is so therapeutic for me and I truly love that I may be able to share something that I have learned that could help someone else.

There are many things that we want to be able to trust and rely on in life, however, those very things do let us down from time to time. Most of us have been let down by friends, family, significant others, our job, and even ourselves. Writing will always be there and if it is something that you enjoy, then that makes it even more amazing. No matter how rough your day was, how stressed you are currently, or what kind of mood you are in, writing will always be there. Not only is it there for you, but it is also very therapeutic and something that can lift your spirits and turn your day around.

I am sure that most of you on this platform love to write, or at least read! Any sort of hobby or pastime is something that you can always become involved with. Of course, it’s always good and helpful to be surrounded by other people who can support you, but there’s also good in having alone time and being at one with your thoughts.

Sometimes we may feel so lost, confused, we may have had a rough day, or dealing with unpleasant emotions, you can always turn to writing to get your thoughts out on paper. It is up to you if you chose to publish it or not, but the mere act of writing is very beneficial. Choosing to write about how you feel will give you an outlet and a sense of relief while choosing to write about something very different from what you are experiencing will give you a great sense of distraction, a little break from reality. No matter what, keep writing and other hobbies that you may have integrated into your life.

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