My Paranormal Experiences

Before I share this with you, I understand that the topic of ghosts and paranormal can be frightening to some people, it can also be a topic that some people do not believe in. I have always believed in ghosts and the afterlife and I became even more excited about this after the experiences that I had as a child and continue to have today.

Growing up, we moved a lot, most within the same state and neighboring counties, but we had our fair share of houses. My earliest experience happened when I was just a young girl. There was a radio that was kept in the bathroom and it would start playing music without even being on. My sister and I would look at each other confused because we knew that the radio was off and we didn’t know how it could play on its own. This was just the start of my paranormal journey.

Several years later, we moved to another home and this is where the craziness started. It didn’t take long before we noticed the TV turning off and on by itself, the sound of footsteps could be heard as could random tapping noises, none of which we could find an identifiable source.

Strange things were happening all around us and were witnessed by all members of my family. We became very uneasy living in our home. Days were filled with anxiety and odd energy around the house. A few years later we found ourselves moving to a different house, not because of the paranormal experiences, but it was a welcomed move, to say the least, especially for my sister and I.

Our new house was peaceful and not a ghostly sign in sight, it was also a new home, unlike our previous home which after researching we found out was built on top of a historic battleground. The years went by and still no sign of any paranormal activity, or so we thought.

Unfortunately, over the last decade I have lost numerous loved ones and as we all know, losing someone that was once close to us is very difficult and traumatic. It brings about so much peace when I get a sign from my departed loved ones. It could be a feather, a symbol in the clouds, or even a scent such as perfume that they used to wear. I have also gotten some not-so-subtle signs, such as soap flying off of the counter, and items that go missing around the house only to turn up in the most random place. I have experienced electronics that will start up or stop while speaking about a certain loved one. Yes, these could all be a huge coincidence, but I like to think that my loved ones are speaking to me from beyond.

Do you have any ghostly or paranormal experiences in general? I am beyond fascinated with hearing stories that others have witnessed. There is so much undiscovered in life.


2 thoughts on “My Paranormal Experiences

  1. We have had some strange experiences at our house, which we built in 1988. Footsteps on the carpet that we would hear at night, a fully open door to our basement that slowly closed by itself while the whole family watched. Our son seeing someone in the doorway of his bedroom in the middle of the night. Our old intercom system playing a very eerie version of “On the Street Where You Live” during thunderstorms, etc. We still live in the same house, but we haven’t heard or seen anything in a long time. Maybe they figured out they couldn’t scare us, so they left. Nevertheless, I am fascinated by this type of thing.

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    1. Oh wow!! You have experienced a lot. Thank you for sharing, I’m also very fascinated by it. You had a lot going on in your house, that’s pretty amazing that the spirit left on it’s own. Thanks again for sharing, so amazing!!

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