The Power of Words

I was in line at a store yesterday and the person next to me and I struck up conversation. We talked about random things in life and all of a sudden he mentioned several things that are a wonderful reminder and I wanted to pass it on to you. The gentleman said “We don’t know what each day will bring, get up and enjoy life, live it to it’s fullest, enjoy every day, and take life as it comes.” We all know this, but sometimes we get so busy and lost in the craziness of life that we do not remember this all of the time. I hope this is a good reminder for you, it sure was for me.

Our words are so very powerful, good or bad, they have the power to make or break us and each other. Sometimes people don’t realize the affect that they can have. This gentleman was just talking and sharing his wisdom, he didn’t realize how much I needed to hear his reminder and how I am still thinking about it today.


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