Looking for an Escape

Some of you may instantly be able to relate to this and some may not understand this too well, but I felt it was an important topic to cover and one that has touched me personally. I have anxiety and have had it my whole life, it affects me greatly from my job to my relationships and something that I am constantly working on.

When things get overwhelming, it’s like an instant response to want to flee and escape. Yes, it may help us temporarily, but it will only harm us in the long run. We may change jobs, move far away, change our lifestyle, but our inner self remains the same and therefore we can never truly run from what we are trying to escape from.

When caught in something emotionally draining or anxiety-provoking it makes sense to want to remove yourself from that stimulus. The hard part, but the necessary part is to face the issue and try to remedy it and learn from it. Running away will temporarily relieve us, but if we never face it, or not try to resolve it, the issue at hand will follow us. You may have heard the saying that basically states that life is a test and that what we do not “pass” we will be presented with over and over again until we can learn to master it.

As hard as it is, try to sit back and focus on what the issue could be telling you, what message is it sending you, and how you can try to resolve the issue at hand. By no means will this be easy, but in the long run will be very beneficial to you!


7 thoughts on “Looking for an Escape

  1. I have anxiety and it came from a very problematic childhood. I once come across a post that teaches us something like, “you are not entitled to stay in a place/conversation where u feel uncomfortable”. It encourages us to pause or ask to leave or even to protect our personal space for some reason and I found it very useful. I was like, “yeah this is definitely right, if we’re feeling uneasy, we can leave and do something about it.” And it stuck with me. Until I realized I was now doing it for the wrong reasons. I got so afraid to commit to something that I immediately feel the need to leave. And in most cases that’s okay. But for some reason it also teaches us to be afraid to try, and make up this bubble of false positivity that isn’t helping us overcome things when we get anxious. Now I’m teaching myself how to balance it out, how to know when to disengage in a situation and when to trust ourselves that we can overcome through it even if we feel so anxious. 😊 thanks so much for sharing this, I find this so relatable. xx

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I am so sorry that you deal with this so often. I really like the approach that you’ve taken. You are absolutely right, there are definitely times where we should remove ourselves from a situation and other times that we should try to stay. Thank you for your support, Ellie 😊

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