The Puzzle Pieces of Life

Have you ever looked back on the events of your life and realized that good or bad, everything has seemed to fit so perfectly together like pieces of a puzzle? Maybe you didn’t get the dream job that you wanted, yet later went on to find something way better. Maybe you went to the doctor for a medical issue and while there the doctor discovered something that you hadn’t even noticed, they saved your life. Possibly you studied so hard to try to get into a specialized program in college, but you didn’t make it. Years later you found yourself in a situation that wouldn’t have allowed you to take on a job in that field.

The common denominator in the events above is that even though life may have strayed from where you wanted to be, in most ways everything added up, piece by piece the great puzzle of life started coming together. When we look back on our lives we may be able to pinpoint why certain things did or did not work out for us. Often it was a string of events that fit together so perfectly, that one by one our puzzle started fitting together.

There may be things in your life right now that you cannot explain how or why they happened, they just did. There may also be circumstances currently in your life that you realize looking back how much had to take place for x,y, and z to occur. Roadblocks and detours are a part of life and even though the road looks rough and rocky, in time it will take us to a very beautiful place.

I can remember several instances in my life where I was so disappointed with an outcome, I couldn’t understand why that had to happen to me. Time moved on and slowly I got back into the swing of life and kept moving forward. Years later I realize that some of these disappointments were the biggest blessings. I was being deviated from a path that would not serve me in the future. It may have taken months or years, but I eventually realized why things happened the way that they did, it was just the puzzle pieces falling into place.

The next time that a situation in your life doesn’t go the way you had hoped or planned, try to think of this as a blessing and a favor. You are being guided away from something that may have not served you nor made you happy.

Life is very interesting and complex. I like to tell myself that everything happens for a reason and that everything is coming together the way that it should. One event in our lives leads to another and so on. Piece by piece we lay down parts of the biggest puzzle that we call life.

How Many Times?

It’s happened to so many of us, you are sitting down focusing on what you are going to say and write, your mind is spinning with words as you come up with a way to present it perfectly, and then, pause, you delete it. If you are like me, this has happened one too many times.

How many times have you started writing a text message only to turn around and delete it? How many times have you spent precious time out of your day to create a blog post only to leave it unpublished? How many times have you bitten your tongue from saying something that you truly wanted to say? My guess is many.

Our thought process, though complex, is very natural. We see or hear something and we have a quick natural response to it inside our heads. When we are having a conversation with someone else, our minds are steadily creating thoughts and branches of thoughts. Your response to what another individual is saying most likely is fairly instantaneous. Your reaction is a true from-the-heart response.

The act of texting someone back and writing a blog post means that you had something that you wanted to say, something that was on your mind or in your heart. This response is authentic and often occurs without prolonged thinking. Whatever you had desired to write was important to you in some way, it had meaning and was genuine. What makes us want to delete something that we believed in and said?

There are many reasons that something we wanted to say will be left unsaid. We might be afraid of judgment, afraid to be vulnerable, worried that someone may disagree, fear rejection, or even that we may hurt someone’s feelings. You started to pour your heart out in a text message that took you several minutes to write just to instantly delete it, you started writing a blog post that will never be seen by another person’s eyes, you don’t reveal 100% of how you truly feel to avoid confrontation with another person.

This type of behavior is natural, yet it is not very positive for our lives. When we have something to say that ends up going unsaid, it puts a barrier between us and those that we love. We are not speaking our minds, which ends up hurting us because we are not truly being who we are. Having to withhold what you want to say is very detrimental to one’s autonomy. Of course, there may be times that we should not speak our minds, especially if it pertains to something that could offend someone. Feeling free to be ourselves is very beneficial to our overall wellbeing.

The next time that you have something to say, let it be known and see where it takes you. As a human being, you have the right to share with others what is on your mind and in your heart. We should not have to feel like we have to sensor everything we say unless, of course, it is something that could hurt another.

Send that text to a long-lost friend, have an open-hearted conversation with your significant other, and publish the blog post that you wrote that you didn’t think was worthy enough to be posted because what you have to say matters. Your words, thoughts, ideas, and feelings are all valid and important. The more that you start to align your actions with your thoughts and keep as close to your authentic self as possible, the more peace that you will attract in your life. Say what is on your mind and in your heart for the things left unsaid will never be known to anyone.

My Paranormal Experiences

Before I share this with you, I understand that the topic of ghosts and paranormal can be frightening to some people, it can also be a topic that some people do not believe in. I have always believed in ghosts and the afterlife and I became even more excited about this after the experiences that I had as a child and continue to have today.

Growing up, we moved a lot, most within the same state and neighboring counties, but we had our fair share of houses. My earliest experience happened when I was just a young girl. There was a radio that was kept in the bathroom and it would start playing music without even being on. My sister and I would look at each other confused because we knew that the radio was off and we didn’t know how it could play on its own. This was just the start of my paranormal journey.

Several years later, we moved to another home and this is where the craziness started. It didn’t take long before we noticed the TV turning off and on by itself, the sound of footsteps could be heard as could random tapping noises, none of which we could find an identifiable source.

Strange things were happening all around us and were witnessed by all members of my family. We became very uneasy living in our home. Days were filled with anxiety and odd energy around the house. A few years later we found ourselves moving to a different house, not because of the paranormal experiences, but it was a welcomed move, to say the least, especially for my sister and I.

Our new house was peaceful and not a ghostly sign in sight, it was also a new home, unlike our previous home which after researching we found out was built on top of a historic battleground. The years went by and still no sign of any paranormal activity, or so we thought.

Unfortunately, over the last decade I have lost numerous loved ones and as we all know, losing someone that was once close to us is very difficult and traumatic. It brings about so much peace when I get a sign from my departed loved ones. It could be a feather, a symbol in the clouds, or even a scent such as perfume that they used to wear. I have also gotten some not-so-subtle signs, such as soap flying off of the counter, and items that go missing around the house only to turn up in the most random place. I have experienced electronics that will start up or stop while speaking about a certain loved one. Yes, these could all be a huge coincidence, but I like to think that my loved ones are speaking to me from beyond.

Do you have any ghostly or paranormal experiences in general? I am beyond fascinated with hearing stories that others have witnessed. There is so much undiscovered in life.

No Matter What

Many things in this world come and go, and very few aspects of our lives are consistent as much as we wish they would be. As human beings, we are also able to be let down by people, our jobs, friends and family, and just general roadblocks that pop up in life. I have had my fair share of disappointments, but there is always one thing that I can turn to no matter what and that is writing.

I have loved writing ever since I was a little girl. When I was younger, it would take me quite a bit of time to come up with a topic, but once I did, I was unstoppable! Today, as an adult, I can thankfully easily come up with topics and once I get in front of my laptop, or a piece of paper, my thoughts just flow constantly. Writing is so therapeutic for me and I truly love that I may be able to share something that I have learned that could help someone else.

There are many things that we want to be able to trust and rely on in life, however, those very things do let us down from time to time. Most of us have been let down by friends, family, significant others, our job, and even ourselves. Writing will always be there and if it is something that you enjoy, then that makes it even more amazing. No matter how rough your day was, how stressed you are currently, or what kind of mood you are in, writing will always be there. Not only is it there for you, but it is also very therapeutic and something that can lift your spirits and turn your day around.

I am sure that most of you on this platform love to write, or at least read! Any sort of hobby or pastime is something that you can always become involved with. Of course, it’s always good and helpful to be surrounded by other people who can support you, but there’s also good in having alone time and being at one with your thoughts.

Sometimes we may feel so lost, confused, we may have had a rough day, or dealing with unpleasant emotions, you can always turn to writing to get your thoughts out on paper. It is up to you if you chose to publish it or not, but the mere act of writing is very beneficial. Choosing to write about how you feel will give you an outlet and a sense of relief while choosing to write about something very different from what you are experiencing will give you a great sense of distraction, a little break from reality. No matter what, keep writing and other hobbies that you may have integrated into your life.

The Parking Lot

There I sat, in the parking lot of a grocery store, waiting for a family member to finish their shopping trip. The sun was shining bright, and the sky was filled with fluffy white clouds. The trees were a beautiful green and there was a slight breeze in the air, which was more than welcomed on this hot and humid day.

I, like many, am a very busy person these days. Months feel like weeks and there is always a lot to do, I am very much living a life full of hustle and bustle at the moment. There is hardly any time in my day that I can truly sit and be at one with myself and my surroundings, a little piece of bliss that I truly miss.

As I sat in this parking lot, I had such a sense of peace and serenity come over me. I wasn’t focusing on what I had to do next, or knocking anything off of my to-do list, I was simply focused on the beautiful nature that surrounded me and the sound of my breath. I was focused on just being. At this particular moment, I felt as if the world had stopped, this was true mindfulness, something that we all could use more of.

So often as I am driving, I’m thinking about so many things, but hardly about the gorgeous scenery that surrounds me. So often I am cooking, but I don’t pay attention to the beautiful colors and invigorating smells in front of me. So often I am watching TV, but instead of getting lost in a good show, I am thinking about what I need to do tomorrow. We could bring so much more peace and joy into our lives if we practiced mindfulness, if we truly exist in the here and now.

I sat there in the car without a care in the world. I admired nature’s beauty as I felt the warm sun on my skin and realized just how nice, rare, and precious this moment was. Sometimes the happiest moments are ones where we are alone and can turn our busy minds off for even a few minutes. Who would have thought that something as simple as a parking lot could remind me of a very important practice…the practice of mindfulness.