An Unforgettable Sight

I was out running errands the other day, I happened to stumble across a building complex. I have seen the buildings before, but I have never ventured over to that side to see what was there.

One of my doctors has an office that is not too far from this little complex, so I decided to drive by and see what type of businesses and stores were there.

In My Car

The parking lot was fairly packed with cars, there seemed to be little odd and end businesses. There were a lot more cars parked at the end of this little complex. As I drove by, I could see many women and their kids coming out of one of the buildings. What they were carrying broke my heart.

As I got closer, I could see these women taking groceries out on dollies to their cars. This business was one that is for kids who are in need. I watched as many women with their little ones came out smiling. They were holding bags of fruit, diapers, and snacks. They were proudly carrying milk to their cars.

In My Feelings

Tears instantly came to my eyes as I watched these families come out with joy on their faces. The fact that their lives were made that much easier would bring joy to anyone’s face.

The kids were lit up as they carried their milk and snacks to their cars. This donation center is helping so many, especially in this time of economic crisis. I donate my clothes and spare items several times a year and to know that someone is out there smiling because of it is a huge blessing and brings me tremendous joy.

I kept driving on as the tears kept flowing from my eyes. This was far from what I expected to see as I ventured around, but I was happy to see that there is help for people that need it. I was happy to see that people are actively donating, even grocery stores are donating massive amounts of groceries and items like diapers to help humanity.

Deep in Thought

This was a very emotional and heartwarming sight. It made my mind wander. Here I am wishing for a larger home for my family to have more space and some people don’t even have one. I am hoping for a delicious meal for dinner and some people are hoping to just eat. I am worried if my car will last a few more years and others are worried about how they will even get from Point A to Point B.

I am still in tears as I write this. Somewhere, someone is just trying to survive. It’s been a few days and I can’t seem to shake this image from my mind. Sometimes the things that we witness are very eye-opening and hard to forget.

A Face Full of Makeup

Growing up, I was a mix of a girly girl and a tomboy. I loved playing with Barbie with my sister and just had a love of all baby dolls and stuffed animals. I remember having scented nail polish and nail art stickers.

On the flip side, I also really enjoyed sports and I wasn’t afraid to get my hands dirty. I enjoyed playing in the dirt and being at one with the Earth. I enjoyed the best of both worlds.

Lucky 13

I was 13 years old when my mom took me to get my ears pierced at the mall for my birthday. It was such a memorable experience and one that I will never forget. I remember eating food at the food court in the mall, getting Mrs. Field’s cookies, and then heading over to Claire’s to get my ears pierced. I was so excited!

Not only did I get my ears pierced at 13, but I was also allowed to start wearing a little bit of makeup. My mother only let me wear eyeliner to start until I was much older but being able to wear it made me so happy.

Time Flies

Fast forward to today and here I am in my late 30s. Makeup has become a part of me. Even after all of these years, it makes me happy. Honestly now, to me putting it on is like putting on clothes for the day, it is just natural and a routine. I wear makeup every time I leave the house.

To me, makeup is an art and something that relaxes me. I really enjoy putting it on. I like to do up my whole face from foundation and eyeliner to mascara. My makeup is always noticeable, but on the natural side, I don’t use many colors or eccentric styles.

Interesting Comments

Over the years I have gotten some interesting comments from others. Some people have told me that the fact that I wear makeup means that I am not okay in my own skin, that I am not real, they say that I am afraid to be myself and that I must be using it as a mask or a shield…like some sort of protection.

I am not one to judge, I know that people are who they are for a reason and that many different types of life walk this Earth. I understand where people may be coming from when they make comments like this to me, but to me, makeup is a part of me. It has been a part of me since I turned 13.


To me, makeup is a form of expression. It is an art. Some people like to express themselves with a certain style of clothing, piercings, tattoos, or hairstyles. These all make up our outward appearance, however, it does not change who the person is on the inside.

We all have an image that we like to portray to the outside world. A little glimpse of who we are can be found in what we like and what we wear, however, the person that is underneath it all is the core of who we are. No amount of makeup will change that in my opinion.

One Common Phrase

This takes me to a common phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover.” We all like different things and we express ourselves in different ways.

Maybe to some, my face full of makeup is a mask, but to me…well…I’m just me!

My College Major Changed Me

I have been out of college for many years now, but I can tell you one thing, the major that I choose has changed my life.

I’d like to say that it has changed me for the better, however, it has also changed me for the worse.


Once I graduated high school, I was not certain which path I wanted to take in terms of a college major. I was always told to just feel each subject out and see which one that I was drawn to, it sounded easy and like great advice and it ended up being just that!

I had many classes that I thoroughly enjoyed. I would say that my top two subjects were Psychology and English. I loved both for different reasons. Given the nature of the job that I wanted to pursue at the time and an extreme interest and passion mine, I chose to major in Psychology. Little did I know, it would change the way that I saw myself and the world around me forever.

My Love

Psychology drew me in because I have always been fascinated with the human mind and finding out why people behave the way that they do. We are all born as blank slates, yet we all develop into very different beings, that is fascinating to me!

As I took many Psychology courses over the years, I learned so much about myself and the world around me. I was able to understand why I had become the person that I was and how the brain works and responds to people and life situations. I was able to understand others better with this newfound knowledge and empathy that came with it.

It was almost as though Psychology was the book of life, it felt as if this subject held all of the answers to the complexity of the human mind and behavior. I was captivated!

The Downside

As with many things in life, there are usually positives and negatives. I adore Psychology and all that it entails, but learning this subject to the extent that I did was detrimental to me in some ways.

Years after I graduated from college, I noticed that my anxiety was much worse than it usually had been. I have dealt with extreme anxiety since I was very little. I began to realize that the way that we are taught this subject and the ways that they have us learning the material truly changed the way that my brain responded to life and even to myself.

In Psychology, we were taught to analyze, analyze, and analyze some more. We were taught to observe very carefully and taught to look at people, situations, and ultimately life in many different ways. Yes, this sounds like a great thing and it is to an extent, but it became a constant in my life.

Taking Over

I found myself analyzing my life, thoughts, and behavior to an extreme. Psychology teaches you that there is a reason behind everything and that includes people’s actions. Therefore, I was always hunting for reasons and the meaning behind everything.

I started seeing life in many different aspects. I started viewing other people very differently, I was so curious as to why and how people behaved the way they did. It seemed as though I was always searching for information to complete my analysis and observations.

I wasn’t comfortable with this new way of viewing life. I understand that these are all necessary and helpful skills to have, especially if one is to become a therapist or social worker for example, however for me, it was overpowering, and I wasn’t able to separate myself from it.


I know several of you talented individuals are in the field of Psychology. For those of you that are therapists, social workers, or even those that majored in Psychology as well, did you ever notice a drastic change in the way that you viewed life and other people after studying Psychology?


This subject was and still is my favorite subject of all time. I truly adore it and there is always so much to learn and gain. There are many times that I wish that my mind wasn’t so “stuck” in Psychology mode, but given this, I still would have chosen to major in this field.

It’s pretty amazing to me that what we expose ourselves to in our life truly does have a tremendous impact on us. Just a little food for thought as you go about your day. Surround yourself with good people and try to live life the best that you can, we are like sponges are we are truly changed by what we experience for better or for worse.

Speaking Your Truth

We all have a voice inside of us, stories that are uniquely ours, and life experiences that no one else has experienced exactly as we have.

Deep in our souls is our truth. At our core is what we believe in, everything that we feel strongly about, and every ounce of who we are. This truth, 100% of it at least, is hardly shared with the outside world.

Bits and pieces of ourselves are released and exposed to a rare few, but much of our core remains in hibernation.

My Word 

I chose authenticity as my word for 2023. I am working on expressing myself fully and not being afraid to be vulnerable and be myself. I don’t want to have to censor my thoughts and feelings, I want to be open and express myself in the way that others seem to do so effortlessly.


The feeling of not sharing our truth and expressing ourselves can be very detrimental. We need some sort of outlet for our deepest emotions, whether it be through journaling, writing, or verbally communicating. 

Withholding thoughts causes a lot of inner turmoil. It can create stress and that can lead to even more intense emotions. The older I get, the more I realize just how powerful speaking our truth can be.


I have been trying very hard to stay true to myself. I am trying to take each situation and conversation that presents itself in my life as a new chance to speak my truth. I still fall, but I am holding myself accountable.

I’ve noticed that when I share my thoughts and feelings, I feel so much lighter…almost like a weight has been lifted from me. When emotions are released it’s almost as if their power is taken away. They can no longer haunt us and cause inner turmoil. They are free to escape and roam, lessening our burdens.

You Are Needed

The world needs your truth, and the world needs YOU. We all add value to this world. We all have stories that we can share to help and inspire others. We deserve to be heard, loved, cared for, and respected as the individuals that we are.

Speaking your truth puts you on the path to freedom.

Who’s ready to start this journey with me?

A Little Box of Chocolates

I came home a few weeks ago to find a box of chocolates on the counter in the kitchen. Of course, I was pleasantly surprised. Who were these from? The box was red and inside it had two layers of delicious chocolates.

I unwrapped the box and there I found a little piece of paper inside that had a picture of each of the chocolates and a description of what they were made of. It was a hard choice to pick the first one, I wanted to try them all!

A Chocolate Addiction

Some of you may know my powerful addiction to chocolate. I crave it every day and I will eat any variety and flavor. I adore the taste and not only that, but it also provides a little dopamine rush. A happy moment!

I have to be careful about buying chocolate because I don’t know when to stop eating it. I was in awe of this little box and how it brought me such joy. I find it amazing how a sweet treat can be such a pick-me-up.

Who Was it From?

So, where did this lovely little box of chocolates come from? It came from my dear mother. She put them on the counter for me to enjoy and I was so thankful. A simple box of chocolates made my entire day and was a reminder that someone cares. It was incredibly heartwarming and appreciated.

Spreading Kindness

I am now thinking of a little surprise to give my mom. It was such a sweet and unexpected moment, sometimes those bring the greatest joy!

Little acts of kindness from others mean so much to us, they make us feel valued, loved, and cared for. They are a welcomed gesture in an often-troubled world. Spread kindness and love to each other. No matter how small, it all makes a difference!